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Web-based Measurement Data Management

EU-MDM™ helps you to address the challenge of big data – especially for measurement data – by giving you quick and easy access to exactly the data you need. It is a modular, web-based solution that can be readily adjusted to your specific requirements, covering the entire range from data collection, efficient data storage and retrieval, powerful data analytics and sophisticated reporting functionality. EU-MDM™ adjusts to your specific requirements.

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Your benefits
  • Increase of company-wide availability and comparability of data

  • Reduction in overall data complexity

  • Improved data quality

  • Early identification of critical events or potential problems

  • Prerequisite for condition-based-maintenance

The measurement data management challenge

The measurement data management challenge: Finding relevant signals in a vast amount of data

Your benefits

  • Access and compare your measurement data company-wide
  • Reduce overall data complexity
  • Improve data quality
  • Identify critical events or potential problems earlier
  • Ready for condition-based maintenance

Available extensions

EU-MDM® can be inserted into many different environments and be extended by multiple features:

real time data processing

Real-Time Data Processing

Handle data not only in data batch mode, but handle real-time telemetry messages delivered via MQTT or similar to feed real-time dashboards.

Spark Connect Extension

Spark Connect

This extension eases the use of spark as a backend computation engine for high level of parallelization.


Cross-Site-Search & Analysis

Enables search and anlysis across multiple EU-MDM installations world-wide.

You didn’t find the feature you need?
EUtech engineers are experts specialized in building new solutions. Get in touch for your individual customization.

Examples and use cases


Use Case – Test Field Monitoring

A field of test benches is monitored by EU-MDM – availabilties, utilization and reference deviations and degradation monitoring is included.

» Example Report

Usage and Predictive Maintenance Report Analysis

Use Case – Usage and Predictive Maintenance Report
Analysis of usage of a single test bench.  Critical components are monitored and estimations for remaining useful lifetime (RUL) are given.

» Example Report

How to get started

Within a timespan of typically two to four months we implement EU-MDM® into your company.

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  • Extensive search functionalities

  • Multi-source data joining

  • Plausibility checks

  • Extensive Import and export capabilities

  • Standardization of formats, signal names and units

  • Linking measured data with metadata

  • Fine granular user and right management

  • Easy to use web-interface

  • Data processing and reporting based on MATLAB®

  • Notification system

You didn’t find the feature you need?
EUtech engineers are experts specialized in building new solutions. Get in touch for your individual customization.

We have put together more information about EU-MDM® in this document for download or print.

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