Our partners

As dedicated engineers, we appreciate professional tools. For our test stands, we rely on National Instruments® hardware and software (LabVIEW) products. Being a National Instruments Alliance Partner, EUtech’s engineers are always up to the mark when it comes to tackling the most challenging tasks.

EUtech Scientific Engineering has well-established ties to RWTH Aachen, one of the leading technical universities in Europe. Not only are we engaged in joint research activities, but many students and graduates take part in a stimulating exchange of thoughts and ideas with our engineers often leading to cutting-edge solutions.

Model-Based Design is an essential paradigm of today’s engineering world. The MathWorks is the leading company to provide a product suite that supports simulation and software development on a single platform ? from basic design engineering down to embedded micro-controlled solutions.
EUtech is a MathWorks Connections Partner and System Integrator. With our fuel cell and thermodynamic library Thermolib/FClib we are seamlessly integrated into this world.