Energy Solutions

Energy and (engineering) thermodynamics have always played an important role at EUtech, right from our early beginnings.
We have developed unique products and solutions for Power Plants and have extensive experience in heat engineering and process control to deliver Advanced Energy Solutions.


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Advanced Energy Solutions

The search for advanced and efficient energy solutions is on. Acting synergistically is the significant progress in digital technologies and data analytics opening entirely new perspectives. We contribute with our expertise in modeling and simulation, advanced control and Testing Solutions. In the context of model-based design we have developed Thermolib, a Thermodynamics Toolbox that seamlessly integrates into the Matlab / Simulink environment.

  • Modeling & simulation of thermodynamic processes
  • Air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pumps
  • Model predictive control (MPC) and process optimization
  • Combined heat and power generation
  • Optimizing condition based load management
  • Thermal management and heat integration
  • CFD Flow Simulation (Engineering)
  • Fuel cells and gas reformation

Power Plant Solutions

Measure, Control, Optimize: We offer a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to measure, control and optimize thermal power generation. The well construed combination of virtual and physical sensoring enables new applications. Advanced control and optimization strategies such as MPC draw on redundant, already available data.
Data analytics and machine learning turn data into usable insight for condition and performance monitoring. All our solutions were developed in close cooperation with leading power producers worldwide and have stood the test of time.

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Power Plant Solutions