Engineering & Consulting

EUtech engineers have accompanied and supported the changes and developments of our customers over the years and thus have gained extensive experience and know-how. With our industry expertise and deep knowledge of applicable technologies we are able to offer our customers high quality, practical and deliverable advice and help them to successfully find solutions.
We are able to put together our teams to suit our clients’ business by drawing on expertise from across EUtech. Teamwork of experts with varied experience and knowledge stimulates the transfer of useful principles and approaches and thus ensures finding the best possible solution. Needless to say that this comprises a great potential for optimization and creative ground-breaking. Our specification-driven development ensures that your requirements are considered from scratch. Well organized project management enables efficient and cost-conscious development on schedule.
Always keeping in mind the ethics of consulting we maintain strict confidentiality of client activities.

Simulation & Control

Predicting the behaviour of a physical system, where the interplay of hardware components, automation software and physical processes have the meet specified demand is crucial in saving development time and sourcing the right equipment. EUtechs model based development has proven itself in numerous prototype test stand development and even led to a complete thermodynamic simulation and modelling tool: Thermolib. Sourcing the knowledge gained in guiding our test stand development from the prototype idea to a controlled process required by end of line test stands and aiding our customers to develop their own models with Thermolib, we offer an extensive engineering partnership to help your development.
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Field Test Support

The control system of plants, which requires precise and reliable process information, has usually strong repercussions on efficiency and in thermal plants consequently on emissions. Virtual sensors are used for calculating system parameters, based on digital models of the corresponding parts of the plant. Starting with few state variables which can be defined or derive from trustful physical measurements, the virtual sensor system determines other desired parameters.
Especially if a large number of continues measurements are required, for example the measurements of gas flow in single pipes in a network, virtual sensors improve the accuracy and stability of the control system. A virtual sensor system can also provide fault detection to indicate defective physical sensors or leakages by supplying alternative values. Your further benefits are fewer costs for physical sensors and their maintenance in your system as well as the possibility to conduct virtual measurements in locations which are difficult to access.
EUtech has strong expertise in providing your individual virtual sensor solution!