Home Energy Simulator

Home Energy Simulator simulates buildings with their heating installation, micro-CHPs or photovoltaic units respectively.

Rather than extrapolating the results from a few reference days to a complete year, as other programs do, Home Energy Simulator performs continuous simulations with a time resolution down to 30 seconds. Instead of estimations it provides exact analyses of the building and the heating installation or micro-CHP, respectively. The result is a reliable analysis of any scenario, suitable for engineers, constructors and home owners.

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Whatever you are interested in, outdated heating installations, current models or upcoming technologies: Home Energy Simulator most rapidly analyzes any building with any type of energy installation. In just one minute you have a detailed report on heat and electricity, operational characteristics as well as costs of operation, maintenance and effectiveness. At the push of a button you have a comparison of your installation and any alternative or reference installation.

Expertise and professional competence

Our team of heating specialists, energy and control experts, and software engineers has developed an interactive easy to use application. Step by step you are guided from the definition to the analysis and appraisal of your building and installation.

Since more than ten years EUtech develops process and plant simulations. A one-of-the-kind collaboration with leading companies of the energy and heating sectors gives us the power to consequently enhance our tools. Due to our development work for nameable manufacturers we today integrate the technologies of tomorrow into Home Energy Simulator.

A special simulation tool for CHP units will be part of the VDI directive “VDI 4656 – Planung und Dimensionierung von Mikro-KWK-Anlagen”


  • Project management
    Load and save of complete scenarios (building, installation, costs, incentives, etc.)
  • Building and weather
    Based on directives VDI 4655, DIN EN ISO 13790 and climate data of the “Deutscher Wetterdienst”; sampling period down to 60s
  • Heating installations and micro-CHP
    Interactive configuration: boiler, peak-load heater, solar collectors, photovoltaic panels, domestic hot water tank, stratified storage tank, combi-tank, hydraulic, etc.
  • Costs, incentives and tariffs
    Capital costs, nonrecurring incentives, operational costs, additional fees and bonuses, fuel prices, profitability analysis, etc.
  • Tooltips and calculator
    Whenever you need advice, the online help and specialized calculators assist you
  • Fast simulation runs
    A continuous simulation of one year (365 days) with a step size of one minute takes less than 60 seconds
  • Interface to product data base
    Home Energy Simulator can be connected to your product data base

Heat and power technologies

  • Conventional heating installations
  • Heat pumps
  • Micro-CHP
  • Wood stove, pellet stove
  • Solar collectors, photovoltaic panels
  • etc.

Results and reports

  • Heat and electricity
    Load demand, generation and coverage of heat and electricity
  • Characteristics
    Fuel consumption, starts/stops, hours of operation, etc.
  • Statistics
    Degree of efficiency, capacity factor, CO2 emissions, etc.
  • Diagrams
    Bar charts, duration curves, etc.
  • Cost analysis
    Capital and operational costs, profitability analysis, etc.
  • Signals
    Signal plots: load profile, weather data, temperatures, mass flows, power, heat losses, system control signals, etc.


Simulation von Gebäuden und Energieversorgungsanlagen


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System Requirements

Operating system:

Required products:
Microsoft Excel® (Office 2003, Office 2007)
Adobe Acrobat Reader®
(Version 6.0 or higher)

Included in delivery:
Microsoft dotnet Framework®
The MathWorks Matlab Component Runtime®