With all the sophisticated technology available, combustion boils down to two key parameters in efficient and clean waste incineration plant operation – and that is air and temperature.

Since it is difficult to predict the fuel combustion properties (heating value, density, humidity etc.), the appropriate control of airs during the dwell time on the grate is the greatest challenge. A direct insight into the combustion process is provided by the two-dimensional distribution of the temperature. It clearly shows inefficiencies, inhomogeneities and allows immediate correction of air flows to ensure proper temperature, emissions and avoidance of sooting.

We show you how you can quickly and efficiently identify your potentials and initiate measures for optimization using practical examples.


Learn more about the possibilities to monitoring and control your plant operation in our webinar:

“Best Practice – Waste Incineration Plant Operation Optimization”

on Wednesday April 28, 2021 at 9.a.m CEST.

This webinar takes 30 minutes and is for plant managers and operators of Waste incineration plants.