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About Us

EUtech Scientific Engineering provides cutting edge engineering solutions for the leading technology companies. Using model-based design we bridge the gap between innovation and industrial application. Energy is the driving force – not only for us but also for our customers coming from industries as diverse as automotive & propulsion, aerospace, power generation & utilities, and advanced energy.

We help you to turn your ideas into reality!

Company Philosophy

Our approach is method-oriented rather than product-oriented which allows us to develop, utilize and maintain in a broad field of industrial applications using advanced engineering techniques. We established an internationally recognized position through the synergetic mixture of highly qualified engineers, an intensive idea exchange with customers' and the ability to integrate our customers' needs into reliable solutions.

EUtech's key to success is the quality and experience of its staff, as well as our ability to provide turn-key solutions. We offer extended customer support, on- and off-site training and full support of our customers' projects.

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