Thermolib 5.2

The key to thermal management in Simulink®

Thermolib extends and expands MATLAB/Simulink® for modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems. It is based on fundamental thermodynamic properties and state calculations and provides numerous components for setting up an entire thermodynamic system including components like pipes, heat exchangers, pumps and compressors, chemical reactors, burners, tanks, valves, splitters, mixers and more complex subsystems like fuel cell stacks etc.

Thermolib is the ideal tool to model thermodynamic systems in application fields like HVAC systems, power generation, heat pump and refrigerator systems, fuel cell systems and lot more.


Thermolib is seamlessly integrated with The MathWorks® tools used for Model-Based Design, Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation. Thus it allows to develop your process model and your controls in one development environment. The tool comes with numerous examples of various applications.


What's new in Release 5.2? 

Overview and Key Features

Components, Sources & Sinks

Thermodynamic States, Properties & Reaction Chemistry

Real Gas Behavior, Extensive Demo Set & Hydraulic Networks

System Requirements